Sandra Gwee is back due to high demand.
With our last event selling out within 48hours of ticket sales, we are thrilled to bring back Sandra Gwee for another Sake Masterclass Dinner.
Round up your crew as tickets will sell out quick!

Sandra Gwee – Kodawari Sake Education

Sandra Gwee is Perth’s first Certified Sake educator & Sommelier, accredited by (SSA, UK), who partners with Sake breweries and Sake masters from Japan and other parts of the world. She aims to grow a more substantial connection within the market of Australia.

After spending a decade with sake events and continuous collaborations with sake companies, Sandra passion doesn’t fall short in whatever she does. Her love for Sake is her drive including educating guests on how to savour, enjoy and understand all about Sake.

As guest to this event, you will experience a specially curated 4-course dinner complimenting Sandra’s Sake collection all while you learn all about sake and food pairing.

Each guests will receive a taste of each sake:

Daimon Shizuku | Junmai Ginjo | Hyogo| Yamadanishiki | 55%
Hanazukuri Junmai Ginjo | Hanazukuri Sake Brewery | Gifu | 55%
House protector| Okunokami Junmai | Toshimaya | Tokyo | Y1601 | 55%
Char Bennett NakaDori Junmai daiginjo | Endo Sake Brewery | Nagano| 49%
Imanishiki Junmai Daiginjo | Yonezawa Sake Brewery | Nagano | Y-M310 | 39%
Daimon 35 Junmai Daiginjo | Daimon sake Brewery | Hyogo | 35%
Yuzu breeze |Umenaydo | Nara | 8%

Date: Thursday 23rd of November
Time: 6pm
Cost: $250 per person including sake pairings

We apologise in advance that due to the nature of this very special event, we will be unable to accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Credit card details are required to secure your reservation and your card will be charged for the amount within 24 hours of placing the reservation. Reservations may be not cancelled for this special event.

Menu items are subject to change subject to seasonal change without prior notice.